Research Association for Combustion Engines e. V.


The FVV has been promoting research and development in the field of combustion engines since 1956. Our main goal is the continuous improvement of the efficiency ratios and emissions of engines and turbines – for the benefit of the economy, the environment and society in general. Our members are small, mid-sized and large companies of the manufacturing industry: automobile, engine and turbine manufacturers and their suppliers.


Task setting and benefits

The work of the FVV benefits not only its member companies and research partners but society at large. We contribute to the strengthening of the small and medium sized business sector and we enable effective research on the part of scientific institutions. Our work also helps to protect the environment.


Joint research

The wide range of research issues raised by combustion engines can only be addressed with interdisciplinary cooperation. Our approach is to bring together industry experts with academics from the fields of natural and engineering science. The focal point of our work is pre-competitive joint research: fundamental research projects managed on an efficient cost-sharing basis. The projects are defined by experts from the member companies on a bottom-up principle.


Mission and vision

Optimizing the combustion engine is an ongoing process. We support our members in the handling of pre-competitive technical developments. We put our trust in the ideas of our member companies, in the engagement that goes into the joint projects and in the quality of our research partners. This will continue to be the basis of our work in the future.


Become a member

Your company can become a member of the FVV too, as long as it is conform to our bylaws (see the Articles of Association § 4 Membership). We will gladly advise you in a personal interview. For more information please contact us personally.


Contact persons

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