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We are the Powerhouse for Innovations

More than 100 research institutes and fellow universities in Germany and Europe contribute to the FVV industry-driven innovation network. Together with our strong partners in research funding and promotion FVV  has completed in the past 50 years more than 1,000 joint industrial research projects. Scientific features on peer reviewed projects are published by our media partner MTZ Worldwide.

FVV Projects:

Supercritical Fuel State as Solution for Spark Ignition Engines with LPG Direct Injection (MTZ Worldwide 2017-09)

Mechanisms of the NO2 Formation in Diesel Engines (MTZ Worldwide 2017-07/08)

De- and Reactivation Behaviour of Pt/Pd Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (MTZ Worldwide 2017-06)

Potential of a Chemical Heat Storage as a Heat for a Catalytic Converter (MTZ Worldwide 2017-05)

HCCI Combustion Using Engine Fuels with and without Oxygenated Compounds
(MTZ Worldwide 2017-04)

Potential of Valve Train Variabilities on Gas Exchange of Passenger Car
Diesel Engines II (MTZ Worldwide 2017-03)

Investigation of the Lubricating Oil Management on the Piston Assembly II (MTZ Worldwide 2017-02)

Tribological Fluid Models for Ancillary Units in Electrical and Hybrid Motor Vehicles (MTZ Worldwide 2017-01)

AlFreD Requirements for Coolants on the Basis of Alternative Freezing Point
Depressants (MTZ Worldwide 2016-12)

Determining the Charging Efficiency in Scavenging Operating Points (MTZ Worldwide 2016-11)

The Potential of Small Direct-injection Spark-ignition Engines (MTZ Worldwide 2016-09)

Advanced Measurement and Modelling Methods of Turbochargers (MTZ Worldwide 2016-06)

FVV Reports

Industrial Collective Research on Fuel Cells (MTZ Worldwide 2017-09)

Methane Oxidation Catalysts / Fatigue Strength in Hydrogen (MTZ Worldwide 2017-07/08)

Reduction of Emissions at Cold Start and low Engine Load / Transient Temperature Fields
and Heat Transfer Mechanisms of a Radial Turbine Wheel (MTZ Worldwide 2017-06)

Methods to Enhance Low Temperature DeNOx Performance / Platinum-Palladium Catalysts:
De- and Reactivation (MTZ Worldwide 2017-05)

3-D-CFD Simulation of the Lubrication Flow in a Radial Journal Bearing under Unsteady Load /
ORC Fluids for Exhaust Heat Recovery in Mobile Applications (MTZ Worldwode 2017-04)

Continuously Optimising the Design of Centrifugal Compressors / Improved Engine Control
Software for Highly Supercharged Engines (MTZ Worldwide 2017-03)

Fuel Specifications - Analysis of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) / Analysis of Fuel-Related
Deposit Formation in Injection Systems (MTZ Worldwide 2017-02)

Acoustically Optimised Cranktrain Design / Noise-controlled Diesel Engine (MTZ Worldwide 2017-01)

Unburnt Hydrocarbon Emissions from Gas Engines / Fretting Corrosion (MTZ Worldwide 2016-12)

Calibration and Control Strategies for Diesel Engines with NOx and PM Virtual Sensors /
Downsized Small Gasoline DI Engine for the Use of Biofuels (MTZ Worldwide 2016-11)

Methane Fuels: Potentials and Characteristic Numbers /
Downsizing and Variable Valve Actuation Timing on HD Diesel Engines (MTZ Worldwide 2016-10)

Lifetime and Deformation Model for Exhaust Turbocharger Hot Parts /
Turbocharger Turbine Efficiency under Pulse Admission (MTZ Worldwide 2016-09)

PM Reduction of Vanadium SCR Catalysts / Particle Formation and Emission of Gasoline
Engines with Direct Fuel Injection (MTZ Worldwide 2016-07/08)


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