About FVV

Dialogue for Progress

The FVV thrives on the support and commitment of its member companies and their willingness to cooperatively promote industrial collective research by providing human, financial and material resources. Individual commitment is essential for establishing at a pre-competitive level common scientific research themes, which are so important for sustainable innovation and which need to be intensively supported later in the user committees of our research projects.

Sustainable progress and social acceptance of advanced prime mover mobility and power generation technologies can only be ensured if the objectives of resource conservation, greenhouse gas neutrality and zero pollutant emissions can be achieved altogether. This claim has fuelled our common work in the past and will also guide us in the future. Our industry roadmap for progress includes an intensive dialogue on research strategies to obtain the necessary scientific foundations on the basis of which the mandatory innovations may arise.
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Gutzmer, President of the FVV

Board and Scientific Advisory Committee

At FVV, the manufacturers of power systems, fuel cells, vehicle / aircraft / industrial engines and turbo machinery, as well as their suppliers and development service providers, work together on advanced technologies within the framework of Industrial Collective Research (IGF). The Board is lean and powerful: it consists of a maximum of 20 persons, who elect the President and Deputy President out of their ranks.

The Scientific Advisory Committee is made up of the research and development managers of the member companies. The work of this body ensures that research at the FVV is close to application and tailored to the members' needs. The Scientific Advisory Committee elects a Chairman and a Deputy Chairman from among its members.


The Directorate of the FVV has three members: the Managing Director Dietmar Goericke (centre) and one Deputy each for engines and turbomachinery research - Martin Nitsche (left) and Matthias Zelinger (right). The Directors are supported by the FVV Team in matters of project administration and coordination, research funding and public relations.


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