Networked action for zero emissions

Our task is to keep the future open | The FVV creates knowledge-based insights into forward technologies for climate neutrality and zero-impact emissions from sustainable energy conversion systems. We have a clear fact-based compass and we are always open to the best solution from a technical, economic and environmental point of view. In doing so, we organise open-topic research along the value chains, bringing together companies with the same interests regardless of size and economic power. We network bright minds and benefit from their knowledge and experience. We think ahead and open up paths to the world of tomorrow for young talents. This is how inner drive and passion give rise to technological progress.

We are prime movers | In our innovation network, globally operating manufacturers of power systems, energy carriers, fuel cells, vehicle / aircraft / industrial engines and turbomachines, as well as their suppliers and development service providers, conduct together with universities and other research institutions pre-competitive, collective research on future technologies. The goal is to operate energy converters – engines, hybrid powertrains, turbines, compressors, turbochargers and fuel cells - with renewable energy sources in new (partially) electrified, integrated and digitalised energy conversion systems in a more efficient, cleaner and sustainable way - to the benefit of society, climate, environment and industry. The FVV has invested almost 1 billion euros in 1,500 research projects since it was founded in 1956.


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Sharing new ideas to generate innovation

Europe is the largest factory of knowledge, ideas and innovation in the world: Around one-third of the global production of know-how and innovative products comes from EU engineers and researchers. Cross-border cooperation unites the best minds and ideas. It makes the difference: globalisation - climate-neutral economy - energy transition in transport - mobility of tomorrow. These are just a few examples of the tasks of the future that need to be adressed - together with our members and partners in Europe and the world.

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