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We love research. And we love sharing our knowledge and science. The variety of topics around prime movers is great: alternative fuels – components, lubricants and materials – acoustics, mechanics and friction – climate and air emissions and, of course, advanced engineering and development tools to construct and design high-efficiency and ultra low emission turbomachinery and internal combustion engines (CI and SI). Our innovation network includes around 170 companies and more than 100 research centers, institutes and universities in Germany and Europe. Our newsletter, media information and publications as well as the articles in our partner magazines MTZ / ATZ will give you an insight into the research output of the FVV. And if you do not find what you are looking for, please let us know. We’re here to help!
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Energy transition of transport: Valid insights can only be obtained by simulations of the entire energy system

FVV presented in early October the next report of its fuel studies series in an online seminar in autumn // In addition to comparative environmental, economic and societal costs and many ecological...

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MTZ Project Reports: Modeling and Investigation of Particle Formation in DI Gasoline Engines in Transient Driving Situations

The aim is to reduce the number of particles in the engine, but particulate filters must also be designed more efficiently, especially in gasoline engines. Both can only be achieved through a deeper...

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MTZ Project Reports: Oil Entry via Piston Top Land

Investigations of the oil balance at the piston are important for optimizing future engine concepts with regard to combustion processes and emissions. As part of the FVV project Fuel in Oil II (FVV...

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The FVV cooperates with the national and international magazines for automotive and engine technology development – MTZ worldwide | Motortechnische Zeitung and ATZ worldwide | Automobiltechnische Zeitschrift. The FVV research and technology (RTD) performers report regularly on technically interesting results from industrial collective research projects and, three times a year, we give an overview on our current research priorities.

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Here you will find up-to-date presentations, publications and documentation materials (eg logos). Templates and form sheets for project administration in the context of industrial collective research (eg guidelines or templates for project outlines for FVV members and RTD performers only) can be found in the menu under »Research«.

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