The FVV cooperates with the national and international magazines for automotive and engine technology development – MTZ worldwide and ATZ worldwide.

The FVV research and technology (RTD) performers report regularly on technically interesting results from industrial collective research projects and, three times a year, we give an overview on our current research priorities.

Did you know that ATZ and MTZ organise very interesting events? The FVV cooperates with the ATZ Conference on Tribology "Friction in the Powertrain and Vehicle" and the international MTZ Conference "The Powertrain of Tomorrow".

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Photo Credit: Fotolia | lily

MTZ worldwide 01/2018

Research into Interactions Between Internal Combustion Engines and Fuels

The chemical composition of fuel has considerable impact on the operational and emission behavior of internal combustion engines. Moreover, CO2 emissions of engines and turbines depend not only on the carbon content of the fuel but also on its production pathway. Investigating interactions between fuel and combustion is therefore one of the core tasks of internal combustion engine research.


Photo Credit: BMW | P90189156 | Tom Kirkpatrick

MTZ worldwide 09/2017

Industrial Collective Research on Fuel Cells

Late last year, the Research Association for Combustion Engines (FVV) launched its new Fuel Cell Planning Group with the primary objective of making carbon-neutral long haul and cargo mobility affordable through industrial collective research. The research projects initiated so far have revealed considerable potential for cost reductions in the field of fuel cells.


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