Project reports of the FVV RTD Performers

In addition to our own reports on the FVV research priorities, the MTZ worldwide magazine regularly publishes articles on important research projects of the FVV. Here the research and technology performers report in detail on concrete project results after the official final project report was published and presented at an FVV Conference.

The research projects are carried out in close cooperation with the members of the FVV within the framework of the Industrial Collective Research (IGF). We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in our projects and especially the funding organisations.

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MTZ worldwide 05/2018

Using Characteristic Fuel Numbers to Evaluate Pre-ignition in Gasoline Engines

Due to the increasing power density of modern downsized gasoline engines, they sporadically exhibit combustion anomalies, known as pre-ignition, particularly in the low-end torque region. In addition to the variety of causes of pre-ignition the fuel plays an essential role in this regard. As part of a cooperative FVV project, two experimental methods have been developed at the Vienna University of Technology and the RWTH Aachen University, which evaluate the pre-ignition resistance of a fuel due to thermodynamically critical conditions in the gas phase.

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Photo Credit: TU Chemnitz | IKAT

MTZ worldwide 04/2018

Transferability of model-based static coefficients of friction to real components

The Gecko research cluster established a sound basis for the standardized determination of coefficients of friction on model test benches, in order to enable the determination of new and improved coefficients of friction beyond those represented in the literature. However, this did not address the transferability of model-based static coefficients of friction to real applications. To fill this gap, at the Chemnitz University of Technology comparison tests were conducted
on model test benches using the typical joints: interference fit connections,
centrally fastened bolt connections and flange joint connections.

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