Project reports of the FVV RTD Performers

In addition to our own reports on the FVV research priorities, the MTZ worldwide magazine regularly publishes articles on important research projects of the FVV. Here the research and technology performers report in detail on concrete project results after the official final project report was published and presented at an FVV Conference.

The research projects are carried out in close cooperation with the members of the FVV within the framework of the Industrial Collective Research (IGF). We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in our projects and especially the funding organisations.

Photo Credit: Technische Universität Darmstadt

MTZ worldwide 02/2019

Scale-resolving Simulations for Combustion Process Development

In the academic community, Large Eddy Simulation is an established research approach while simulations based on Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes equations are mostly used in industry. Since many stochastic engine phenomena such as cycle-to-cycle variations, knock or misfire can only be predicted qualitatively using this approach, there is an increasing interest in the industrial sector in also establishing Large Eddy Simulation. As part of the FVV research project 1215, the Technical University of Darmstadt evaluated the current degree of utilization of the Large Eddy Simulation in the academic and industrial environment.

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Photo Credit: IVK | iaf-mt

MTZ worldwide 11/2018

Reduction of Friction Losses by Local Management of the Oil Temperatures

In the development stage, the lubrication system of a combustion engine has to be designed for operating points of highest load and speed. But the customer-relevant operation is dominated by moderate loads and speeds. It can therefore be concluded to reduce the friction losses in hydrodynamically dominated journal bearings such as the crankshaft by a lower oil viscosity due to local oil temperature increase in operating points of partial load. However, it must be ensured that mixed friction after speed or load increase does not rise critically.

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Photo Credit: Fraunhofer IWM

MTZ worldwide 10/2018

Lifetime Assessment of Aging Materials

Materials subjected to high-temperature service conditions will change their microstructure with time. Associated with this aging process is a change of mechanical properties as well as a change of damage mechanisms. Within the scope of the FVV project Aging and Lifetime, Fraunhofer IWM in Freiburg and BAM in Berlin (both Germany) experimentally characterized the widespread high-temperature aluminum alloy EN AW-2618A in different overaging states. Based on the experimental findings, models for numerical lifetime assessment with the finite-element method were implemented.

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