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13th International MTZ Conference "The Powertrain of Tomorrow 2019" | Call for Papers | Closing date is 15 June 2018

FIND THE WORLDWIDE POWERTRAIN MIX | Internal combustion engines powered by synthetic fuels: Their role in the new powertrain systems - Electric vehicles: mix of low-voltage and high-voltage hybrid drive systems with and without plug-in technology - Fuel cell drive systems: Technologies and system integration.

At the last ATZ Conference “The Powertrain of Tomorrow”, we found approaches towards achieving a powertrain mix that can provide mobility with CO2-neutral emissions without further air pollution and can open up opportunities for worldwide application. The follow-up conference in January 2019 aims to clarify the viability of this powertrain mix of low-voltage and high-voltage hybrid drive systems with and without plug-in technology, fuel cell drive systems, and internal combustion engines powered by synthetic fuels.

The key to the success of this multi-track approach is electricity from regenerative resources. Is there certainty about the generation, transmission, and distribution of energy? What do the plans for the future look like?

More than ever before, powertrains must be considered as part of an integrated system consisting of internal combustion engines and/or electric motors, transmissions, batteries, and fuel cells. How will the role of the internal combustion engine in these powertrain systems change? What influence will synthetic fuels have on the development of powertrains for cars and commercial vehicles?

Asian carmakers are advancing the development of fuel cell drive systems with impressive consistency. By contrast, European competitors are gaining ground somewhat tentatively. How should we evaluate this process on national and international markets?

Questions relating to energy supplies must be resolved together with those relating to the powertrain of tomorrow. The long-standing partners of this conference, Volkswagen and Schaeffler, are supporting us in finding a worldwide powertrain mix.

13th International MTZ Conference "The Powertrain of Tomorrow", Frankfurt/M. - 23-24 January 2019

You are cordially invited to contribute to the conference: Please submit your paper not later than 15 June 2018.

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