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7th ATZ Conference on Tribology "Friction in the Powertrain and Vehicle": Conference programme published

Sustainable technical and economic solutions for electric powertrains are currently being developed and tested at full speed. However, it will be years before these technologies are sustainably established on the market --- The combustion engine will therefore continue to play the role of pacemaker for CO2-neutral and low-emission mobility for a long time to come. In order to play this role successfully, not only the optimisation of individual components but also the potential for reducing friction in the overall system must be considered and understood --- The systemic design approach from the combustion engine through the transmission to the axle drive is decisive for the future optimisation of friction.


How do we maintain unrestricted mobility, which ensures our prosperity and quality of life? The enavlers for this are vehicles - networked with each other and with the environment - and powertrains with different degrees of electrification. The increasing complexity can be mastered by understanding the causal relationships in the vehicle as a whole. Therefore, in the future we would like to open the perspective of the traditional conference beyond the powertrain.

The conference focus is on the powertrain including internal combustion engine and / or electric motor, transmission, electrical storage and fuel cell. In addition to optimising the friction of individual components, the complete propulsion system is of particular importance. Beyond this holistic approach, further potential for optimising friction can be exploited in an increasingly digitised world.

The 7th ATZ Conference on Tribology will once again offer research and development engineers a wide range of topics for the exchange of information and experience this year.

Minimizing friction in the powertrain: The importance of friction in the changing world of mobility
7th ATZ Conference on Tribology | 21-22 November 2018, Esslingen am Neckar, Germany

FVV member companies receive a 10% discount on the participation fee. The conference  is a German-language event with no simultaneous translation.

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