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Best Paper Award & recommendations for the ASME Jornal: ASME Turbo Expo 2019 comes to a successful end for the FVV/W10/W14 delegation

More than 2,500 experts from all over the world discussed at the 2019 ASME Turbo Expo Conference innovative scientific issues on turbine technology, research, development and applications in the fields of gas turbines, steam turbines, wind turbines, fans and blowers, Rankine cycle and supercritical CO2 // In a separate session in the field of steam turbines, the Turbomachinery Division of the FVV presented together with long-standing research partners their common research field "High-temperature Research in Mechanical Integrity" to the international expert audience // Dr Klaus Helbig (GE) and the Chair and Institute for Materials Technology (IfW) of the Technical University of Darmstadt were nominated for the Best Paper Award.

On the occasion of the 2019 ASME Turbo Expo which took place in Phoenix (Arizona) this year, the FVV had the opportunity to present the turbomachinery research field "High-temperature Research in Mechanical Integrity" in two sessions in the steam turbines track.

For more than 50 years, the world market leaders in the turbomachinery industry, which are all members of the FVV, have been carrying out basic and application-oriented research on new, innovative construction materials within the framework of Collective Industrial Research (IGF) together with the leading German research centres - the Materials Testing Institute at the University of Stuttgart (MPA) under the scientific direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Weihe and the Chair and Institute for Materials Technology (IfW) of Technische Universität Darmstadt under the scientific direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Oechsner. This research network is very successful in providing characteristic numbers and extensive validation data as well as models for service life and crack growth description. The research work is carried out in close cooperation with the Research Association for High Temperature Steels and High Temperature Materials (FVWHT), for example within the working groups W10 (High-temperature Behaviour) and W14 (Creep Fatigue and Crack Growth). The results of the FVV's pre-competitive research also contribute to the application-oriented collaborative research, for example, within the framework of the AG Turbo.

International exchange of the latest research findings on high-temperature materials

Mentions and awards

In the field of steam turbines, a total of six papers were proposed for publication in the leading ASME journal. Four of these presentations were held in the FVV sessions. Two further papers that were produced in cooperation projects with AG Turbo also received a mention.

In addition, the presentation given by Dr Klaus Helbig (GE) and Felix Kölzow (IfW Darmstadt) on the probabilistic evaluation of the service life of 2% chromium steels was nominated for the best technical paper in the field of steam turbines. The award ceremony traditionally takes place as part of the ASME Turbo Expo 2020. The outstanding research work was carried out in cooperation with the Chair and Institute for Materials Technology (IfW) of Technische Universität Darmstadt under the scientific direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Oechsner in the High-temperature Materials Unit under the direction of Dr.-Ing. Christian Kontermann.

Strengthening international cooperation

The well-attended session proved that there is also great interest in the results of Collective Industrial Research outside Germany and Europe. The participants, all proven specialists in their field, appreciated the deep scientific exchange on an international level, as do our members and research partners, and took away valuable ideas for their own research on high-temperature materials from the FVV session.


The FVV would like to thank the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AiF), the German Research Foundation (DFG) as well as the Research Association for the Iron and Metal Processing Industry (AVIF) for their many years of financial support for our research activities in the field of structural materials for turbomachinery.

Our special thanks go to the representatives of our member companies and research partners, in particular Henning Almstedt (Siemens), Dr.-Ing. Andreas Fischersworring-Bunk (MTU Aero Engines), Dr.-Ing. Klaus Helbig (GE), Dr.-Ing. Magdalena Speicher, non-destructive examination & testing (NDT) and material characterisation at the Materials Testing Institute of the University of Stuttgart (MPA) and Dr.-Ing.Christian Kontermann, competence area high-temperature materials at the Centre for Structural Materials (ZfW/IfW-MPA) of the University of Darmstadt, as well as all participating research associates for the professional organisation of the event.


Turbomachinery for 2050 and beyond

With a strong expansion of renewable energies and a significant increase in energy efficiency, thermal power plants will play an important role in energy conversion and heat supply in 2050 and beyond. By blending hydrogen with other synthetic climate-neutral fuels, they will contribute to reliable, sustainable and environmentally friendly energy conversion. Turbomachinery is irreplaceable as gas turbines, steam turbines, compressors and pumps in all energy conversion and storage plants. They thus form the backbone of the transformation of the energy sector.


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