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Combustion engines: fit for the future!

Internal combustion engines can become completely climate-neutral even today, opening up considerable potential for a fast reduction in greenhouse gas emissions // In the online campaign #Emission0 - On the way to 2050, VDMA Engines and Systems explains in ten missions how internal combustion engines and climate protection fit together

The manufacturers and suppliers of combustion engines oppose the demands for the fastest possible end to the internal combustion engine with a clear "no" - and provide good arguments why the internal combustion engine will continue to have a long future

In the online campaign #Emission0 - On the way to 2050, ten missions illustrate the facts of how combustion engines and climate protection fit together. The topics range from the approach of technology openness to chemical energy carriers and efficient exhaust gas aftertreatment to hydrogen generated one hundred percent from renewable sources.

10 Missions / 10 Messages

» Mission 1 Openness to technology
» Mission 2 Security of supply
» Mission 3 Chemical energy sources / energy density
» Mission 4 Chemical energy sources / CO2 neutrality
» Mission 5 Rapid defossilisation of the engine fleet
» Mission 6 Exhaust gas aftertreatment
» Mission 7 Methane slip
» Mission 8 Gas engines as a bridging technology
» Mission 9 Regeneratively produced hydrogen
» Mission 10 Stationary combustion engines soon to be H2-ready

When people hear the term "internal combustion engine", they usually only think of cars. But these engines can power a lot more: they run trucks, trains and supertankers, operate flexible machines for construction and agriculture, and generate electricity and heat quickly, reliably and easily - wherever there is a need and at any time. For example, when wind turbines are not turning or solar modules are not producing enough energy. The decisive point, however, is that combustion engines are able to convert renewable chemical into mechanical energy - efficiently and CO2-neutrally. The campaign addresses these and similar issues.

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