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Continuity in an era of transformation

The Executive Committee of the FVV has confirmed its long-standing chairman Prof. Dr. Peter Gutzmer in office. The mechanical engineer, who was last the Chief Technology Officer of Schaeffler, has been leading the FVV since 2017 // Christopher Steinwachs, who is responsible for the development of components for gas turbines at Siemens Energy, was once again elected as his deputy.

When the members of the FVV met for the first time in two years ›face-to-face‹ at the Nürburgring in November last year, it was clear to all participants of the 2021 Autumn Meeting: business, science and industry are facing great challenges.

»We are in the middle of a twin transformation. The vision of climate neutrality is at the core of collective research. And this vision can only be achieved through the use of carbon-neutral energy sources and efficient energy converters,« FVV Managing Director Dietmar Goericke summarises the current transformation and adds: »For our members, digitalisation and climate neutrality are both major challenges. We are expanding our network and deploying modern digital development methods such as artificial intelligence to make this happen«.

The FVV is clearly committed to the targets set out in the Paris Climate Agreement, which came into force in November 2016. In addition to the fundamental classic topics, the FVV is installing new research priorities that will boost the achievement of the transformation goal of ›climate neutrality‹ by 2045 in Germany and 2050 for the entire European Union: hybrid powertrains, hydrogen/fuel cell technologies, alternative fuels.

»Our task is to keep the future open«

The FVV meets the challenges of the transformation through continuity: the members of the Board and the Scientific Advisory Committee, together with experienced engineers and scientists from the international network of the research association, identify the most important innovation issues and develop projects to provide the answers we need. A desirable side effect of this research is the training and qualification of young academic talent.

And so, we see that the long-established benefits of collective research are just as important as they have always been: »Systematic research that involves many different energy sources and energy converters demands a large, interacting network« confirms Prof. Dr. Peter Gutzmer. He has been leading the FVV for four years, and since 2020, together with Dipl.-Ing. Christopher Steinwachs (Siemens Energy) as his deputy. Both have now been confirmed in office for a further two years by the FVV Board, which has also been newly elected. Even at the end of his third term in 2024, the transformation will not be completed. But that‘s not what the experienced technology manager is concerned with: »Our task is to keep the future open!«

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