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FVV 2020 Spring Conference | Preview

The Research Association for Internal Combustion Engines (FVV) is pleased to invite members of its international innovation network to Würzburg (26/27 March 2020) for a technology briefing on most recent results (interim/final reports) of Industrial Collective Research (IGF) projects.

The programme of the FVV Information Sessions on Engines and Turbomachinery (26 March 2020 | Würzburg/Germany) includes a total of 17 final reports, 6 interim reports and a poster session with 5 further short reports on ongoing research projects from the FVV Planning Groups Turbomachinery (PGT), System (PG1), Combustion SI (PG2), Combustion CI (PG3), Strength & tribology (PG4), Emissions & Imissions (PG6) and Fuel cells (PG7).

In addition, PG5 "Engine Dynamics & Acoustics" will present its current research focus in the accompanying poster session in the foyer.

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At the forthcoming FVV 2020 Spring Conference you will have furthermore the chance to listen to two orientation lectures:

Information Sessions | ENGINES

Cradle-to-Grave (CtG) Life Cycle Analyses
Meta study on the current state of research on life cycle analyses of different powertrain systems in vehicles
Dr David Bothe | Frontier Economics Ltd, Cologne


Information Sessions | TURBOMACHINERY

Engineering Guide for Assessment of Creep Crack Initiation on Components by Two-Criteria Diagram
Influence of creep deformation capability on the tolerable defect size for components for which no creep crack initiation occurs - Description of crack initiation in creep ductile materials by Two-Criteria-Diagram (2CD) - Consideration of the influence of the creep deformation capability on the shape of the Two-Criteria-Diagram
Dr Falk Müller | Centre for Structural Materials MPA-IfW, TU Darmstadt


The second day (27 March 2020 | Würzburg/Germany) is reserved for the industry's internal committee meetings: Planning Groups 1-8 and the Research Committee (internal combustion engines, hybrids, turbomachinery and fuel cells).

All sessions will be simultaneously translated into English.

The FVV and all speakers look forward to your participation and a lively discussion on the research topics presented.

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