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FVV Research Priorities: Industrial engines as power systems – research for optimum system design

The range of applications and the long service life of industrial engines call for research to reconcile climate neutrality and economic efficiency. The Research Association FVV promotes the use of climate-friendly energy sources, hybridization and fuel cells as alternative energy converters. There is one common challenge for the many different applications: The optimum is not achieved primarily through technical details, but rather through system design.

Climate neutrality is an important corporate goal for many buyers of industrial engines – but it is expected not to experience any restrictions in terms of reliability and service life. Hybridization, the switch to alternative operating materials or the use of fuel cells raise questions about aging behavior of the engines. This is related to the operating profile, which varies greatly depending on the application and the region of the world. Pre-competitive industrial collective research can gain insights into how aging processes and environmental conditions correlate. The transfer of knowledge that takes place within the framework of FVV projects also enables small and medium-sized companies in the supply industry to master the increasing technical complexity.

All industrial engines will become part of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the future. The remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance made possible thanks to networking have the potential to significantly reduce lifetime costs. Pre-competitive collective research may quickly reach its limits when it comes to exchanging operating data. However, methodological fundamentals offer enormous advantages for developers. Provisioning control unit data with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) or IoT-enabled sensor concepts are already on the FVV research agenda.

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