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New concepts for the transition between fossil and advanced alternative fuels - DECHEMA presents two position/white papers

Important end users of advanced alternative liquid fuels are road and freight transport, large parts of maritime transport and parts of rail transport - Another very large consumer is aviation with its specific fuel requirements (kerosene - jet fuel), for which electric drives are not among the realistic options.

The DECHEMA White Paper "E-Fuels – Mehr als eine Option", published in September 2017, presents a possible concept for the transition between fossil fuels and e-mobility. E-fuels are synthetic liquid fuels produced on the basis of renewable energy and CO2. The White Paper calls for the cooperation of the automotive industry, the energy industry and the chemical industry and for political support in order to use the available technology options as quickly as possible.

Earlier, in July 2017, a position paper by the ProcessNet Committee (DECHEMA and VDI) on advanced alternative liquid fuels was published. For the foreseeable future, liquid fuels will be just as indispensable in the transport sector as liquid fuels in the heating market. The joint position paper outlines which pathways to sustainable production based on biomass, residues or "power-to-X" concepts are feasible. From the point of view of the experts of all relevant branches of science, associations and industry, targeted technological developments are necessary, and the political framework conditions must be implemnted accordingly.


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