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Post-oxidation: German-Japanese research cooperation presents interim report at FVV 2019 Autumn Conference

First interim report of the internationally funded German-Japanese research project on the development of a post-oxidation model for 0D/1D engine simulation was presented // The project partners of the research and technology performers in Stuttgart (IVK) and Japan (Chiba, Meiji/Tokio) use the FVV 2019 Autumn Conference in Würzburg for further coordination of the research venture // Final results expected in spring 2021

After a delegation from the Institute for Internal Combustion Engines and Automotive Engineering (IVK) at the University of Stuttgart had travelled to Tokyo from 22 to 25 July 2019 to validate the first results of the joint post-oxidation research project with their Japanese colleagues from Chiba University and Meji University, the scientific directors of the participating research institutions, Professor Michael Bargende and Professor Yasuo Moriyoshi presented a first interim report at the FVV Autumn Conference in Würzburg on 19 September 2019.

Post-oxidation (HC, CO and particles) in the exhaust manifold of self-ignited engines

The aim of this innovative research project is to develop a post-oxidation model for 0D/1D engine simulation, which requires a deeper understanding of the critical mixing and oxidation process of scavenged air and rich combustion products. The research performers want to develop a mixture-optimised exhaust manifold geometry and evaluate it on the engine test bed.

The new post-oxidation model is required for the simulation of an RDE driving cycle (measurement of emissions in realworld operation) to improve transient engine behaviour while simultaneously minimising emissions. For example, critical acceleration manoeuvres can be investigated that can lead to the maximum catalyst temperature being exceeded.

While the test bed measurements are carried out by Chiba and Meiji University in Japan, IVK supervises the CFD simulations and the development of 0D/1D models. The project is scheduled to be completed by December 2020.


Caption (from left to right):

Prof. Dr. Tatsuya Kubayama (Chiba University), Kazuo Takeuchi (Toyota), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Bargende (IVK | University of Stuttgart), Christine Burkhardt (EnginOS), Prof. Dr. Yasuo Moriyoshi (Chiba University)


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