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Increasingly stringent international legislation on CO2 emissions is causing a paradigm shift in the powertrain. Electrification is advancing, and powertrains need to be considered more strongly as part of an integrated network of internal combustion engines, transmissions, and electrification. The focus of this international conference is on powertrain synthesis, with components and vehicle integration forming the basis. The complexity of the cause-and-effect relationships can be mastered only through digitization. System thinking, intelligent management, and new development methods play decisive roles in the race for the drive system of the future.

Internal combustion engines will play a key role in the powertrain mix of the future. However, they need to change in such a way that they meet the requirements of various powertrain configurations. Their technical development must not only be optimized with regard to the specific purpose, it must also be able to withstand consideration in a holistic context.

Finding the right global powertrain mix

A decisive factor will be the energy storage system. Should the focus be on batteries? What are the industrialisation possibilities of chemical storage media such as hydrogen, synthetic gases, or liquid fuels?

We will answer these questions and evaluate the powertrain solutions under development. How will familiar drive systems continue to develop? Will the huge variety of configurations lead to dead ends? Can modern engines meet the requirements? And last but not least: is our infrastructure capable of providing and distributing the energy necessary?

You can become an integral part of this search for a global powertrain mix.

We look forward to your participation.

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