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SocioMotion: FVV launches science dialogue on technology acceptance

Will the combustion engine have a long-term potential in the market or should we expect electric vehicles to reach 100% market share? Will robotaxis come to dominate the mobility landscape without people driving or owning cars anymore? Those are some of the questions that the SocioMotion research project seeks to help answering // The Institute for Science in Dialogue of the OWL University of Applied Sciences and Art and the FVV are jointly conducting the project

The question of social acceptance of technology does not only affect companies operating globally, as it is a theme society as a whole will face in their private lives and future workplaces. In order to ensure high acceptance of complex automotive solutions by society, it is of decisive importance to consider a wide variety of social scenarios, of how people want to use mobility in the future.

  • How much of the technological adoption is determined by technological factors and how much by socio-psychological factors of the customer base?
  • Do customers make rational buying decisions or is technology growth largely determined by volatile and irrational whims and desires of people?
  • How much of those irrational preferences is influenced by the public image of certain technologies and companies? To fully understand consumer behaviour connecting perspectives between technology, business and society is necessary.

Knowing those causal relationships will help car makers and suppliers make better R&D decisions and identify and influence those growth factors that facilitate product adoption. SocioMotion is a project that analyses the acceptance of technology through current developments of modern society as a whole, rather than focusing on individual trends in technology.

We aim to create technology adoption models for the automotive industry that explain why certain technologies see an explosive growth in the market while others stagnate.

Science and society in a state of flux

FVV | Planning Group 1 »System« | Research Poject No. 1410
»SocioMotion: A user-specific approach of science in dialogue on the overall social acceptance of technology in the VUCA world (volatility, uncertainty, complexity & ambiguity)«

Period: The »SocioMotion« project started on 01/11/2020 and shall be completed by 31/10/2021. 

FVV: Prof. Dr. Thomas Garbe (Volkswagen AG)
TH OWL: Prof. Dr. phil. Josef Löffl (IWD)

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