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Zero-impact vehicles (ZIV): How engines must perform to prevent a negative impact on air quality

A research project initiated by the FVV shows: If vehicles driven by combustion engines comply with very strict exhaust emissions limits, they no longer have a negative impact on air quality. However,...

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It's all about the system: FVV researches sustainable hybrid powertrains

Hybrid powertrains enable quick CO2 savings in road transport by combining an electric motor and a combustion engine - provided that the powertrain system of such a vehicle is designed from the outset...

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The carbon footprint of the existing fleet is the decisive factor in achieving the climate goals | FVV publishes six theories on climate neutrality in the European transport sector

Electricity, hydrogen or synthetic fuels: When it comes to the energy sources to be used in road transport of the future, there is much debate. A new study by the research association FVV now shows:...

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Ultimate efficiency engine: Researchers significantly increase fuel efficiency in the real world of road transport

Four research institutes have investigated on behalf of the Research Association for Internal Combustion Engines (FVV) how close we can come to the ultimate system efficiency of combustion engines in...

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Maximum pressure rise: FVV increases hydrogen research

The Research Association for Internal Combustion Engines (FVV) significantly expands pre-competitive Industrial Collective Research (IGF) on hydrogen-powered combustion engines and fuel cells. Twelve...

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Taking stock: New FVV meta study of life-cycle analyses on alternative powertrain technologies

Life cycle analyses (LCA) provide evidence of how climate-friendly new powertrain technologies really are. A new meta-analysis commissioned by the Research Association for Internal Combustion Engines...

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Independent of fossil energy sources: FVV adopts a new mission statement

Energy and mobility systems are facing a profound change. The Research Association for Combustion Engines (FVV) is redefining its role with a mission statement based on a survey of its members. In...

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Taking a holistic approach to the mobility and energy system: Peter Gutzmer and Christopher Steinwachs lead FVV Board

The Executive Committee of the FVV | Research Association for Combustion Engines (Forschungsvereinigung Verbrennungskraftmaschinen e. V.) has confirmed Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Gutzmer as its President....

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Photo Credit: Peter Winandy | RWTH Aachen


One third less consumption: Industry and research work together on fuel-efficient spark-ignition engines

In order to meet future CO2 limits, SI engine-driven vehicles must consume significantly less fuel. A new project of the Research Association for Internal Combustion Engines (FVV) is investigating how...

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Photo Credit: Dirk Lässig | FVV


Better calculations, less CO2: FVV awards the Hans Dinger Prize 2018 to young researchers

High-tech steels, adaptive air bearings and biofuels: Young scientists find exciting tasks in research on turbomachinery and internal combustion engines. Some outstanding works have now been awarded...

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On the road to climate-neutral driving

If transportation is to become completely climate-neutral by 2050, the costs for drivers are likely to rise. However, it doesn't make much difference whether a mid-range passenger car has a battery...

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More power. Less cost. FVV starts research on advanced fuel cells for 2025

FVV | The Research Association for Combustion Engines is committed to the further development of the fuel cell. The aim is to make emission-free long-range and freight mobility affordable. A new...

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