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FVV Annual Magazine »PrimeMovers. 2020« published

The Research Association for Internal Combustion Engines (FVV) publishes an annual magazine on the occasion of its Annual Meeting 2020 featuring a nuber of selected articles on relevant research topics relating to the transformation of energy and transport // The magazine is completed by FVV‘s annual report

›PrimeMovers.‹ is an annual magazine on Industrial Collective Research (IGF) on emerging technologies for internal combustion engines, hybrids, turbomachines and fuel cells.

2020 | »Progress takes courage«

The magazine features a number of selected articles on relevant research topics from throughout the year. Additionally, representatives from business and science share their perspectives on questions around clean energy and mobility.

From the content:

»Long-term, cost-efficient security of supply«

An interview with FVV Deputy President Christopher Steinwachs (Siemens Energy)

»Preserve what makes us strong«

An interview with Prof Dr Sebastian Bauer, President of the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AiF), on Industrial Collective Research (IGF)

»Shaping the future through research«

Fuel cells, renewable fuels, hybdrid powertrains and artificial intelligence: Industrial Collective Research in the FVV has gained a number of new priorities in recent years

»Taking stock«

Efficient use of the global CO2 residual budget in the mobility sector - an orientation study by Frontier Economics on behalf of the FVV

»One for all!«

An interview with Dr Joachim Scholta (ZSW) about the development of a generic fuel cell stack for the FVV

The new magazine is completed by FVV‘s annual report.


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