Networked action for zero emissions: FVV publishes its new Annual Magazine »PrimeMovers. 2021«

The research association FVV publishes its new annual magazine 2021 »Networked action for zero emissions« including the latest reports on Industrial Collective Research (IGF) for the transformation of energy and transport // The magazine is completed by FVV‘s annual report

›PrimeMovers.‹ is an annual magazine on Industrial Collective Research (IGF) on sustainable and efficient energy conversion systems for mobile and stationary applications. The magazine features a number of selected articles on relevant research topics from throughout the year. Additionally, representatives from business and science share their perspectives on questions around clean energy and mobility:


  • Networked action for zero emissions: FVV Chairman Prof. Dr. Peter Gutzmer explains why systematic research that involves many different energy sources and energy converters demands a large, collective network.
  • Multiplied benefits: VDMA is the voice of the mechanical and plant engineering industry in Germany, and has organised the FVV office ever since its foundation. The result is a network that extends far beyond the boundaries of the research association. FVV member companies such as MAN Energy Solutions, Rolls-Royce Power Systems or ZF are involved at several levels and thereby multiply their benefit from the collaboration.
  • Global cooperation is more vital than ever: Climate protection is a global task – as is the development of competitive products for the world market. Whether for passenger cars or container ships, collaborating with international partners is both a sensible and inspiring way to bring new technologies to market more quickly. For this reason, FVV shares a long-standing partnership with the Japanese research association AICE and CIMAC, the umbrella organisation for the internal combustion machinery industry.


  • In the middle of a twin transformation: For FVV Managing Director Dietmar Goericke, the vision of climate neutrality is at the core of collective research. This vision can only be achieved through the use of CO2-neutral energy sources and efficient energy converters. FVV is expanding its network and deploying modern digital methods such as artificial intelligence to make this happen.
  • Sustainability as a compass: To move forward in uncharted territory, you need experience, knowledge and orientation. To navigate the era of transformation that we currently find ourselves in, we therefore need political direction and a clear technological compass. In its orientation studies, FVV develops proposals for future technologies to aid our sustainable economic, environmental and social transformation.
  • Energy accounting for the climate: The new, fourth fuel study published by FVV expands the framework of the previous studies in a number of ways: alongside societal costs and various environmental factors, it also compares the cumulative CO2 emissions for various energy sources and powertrains and demonstrates how these emissions stack up against the CO2 budget set for Europe. This analysis shows that it will not be possible to meet the 1.5-degree target without taking existing vehicles into account.


  • People behind modern research: Meet three researchers from our network: the 'reliability engineer' Dr Zeljana Beslic (SEG Automotive Germany) and the coordinators of the research programme of the FVV, Dr Ekkehard Pott (Volkswagen) and Dr Dirk Hilberg (Rolls-Royce Germany).
  • Sustainable and forward thinking research: We at FVV make an important contribution to climate-neutral and emission-free energy conversion and mobility. Find out more about our research in the areas of hydrogen, hybrid powertrains, additive manufacturing and centrifugal compressors.

The new magazine is completed by FVV‘s annual report including the complete research programme.

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