New hydrogen engine alliance founded

Industry and research work closely together in new initiative // The hydrogen engine can make an important contribution to achieving climate goals

Working together for climate-friendly mobility: In January 2022, representatives of industry and research jointly founded the "Allianz Wasserstoffmotor e.V.". Members are companies from the vehicle and engine industries, suppliers, companies from the energy sector and research institutions. Their task is  to promote the opportunities and potential of the sustainable hydrogen engine as a technology component.

The hydrogen internal combustion engine (HICE) is able to convert the energy of hydrogen into mechanical energy with outstanding efficiency. At the same time, it scores with strengths such as robustness and long service life as well as the possibility of operating continuously under all extreme conditions - such as cold, vibration or heat. Further advantages include low operating costs, ease of maintenance and the possibility of further development into a hybrid powertrain - and all this with hardly any detectable immission impact.

In addition, hydrogen engines benefit from the existing great experience in engine construction and make prime movers fit for a sustainable future. This is because they use hydrogen instead of conventional fossil fuels for propulsion. Thus, they are also an ideal complement to fuel cell technology, as they rely on the same filling station infrastructure. Depending on the application, the hydrogen engine can be ideally used in heavy-duty long-haul transportation or even construction site operation as well as in harvesting and working machines.

Hydrogen has a decisive advantage as an energy carrier: it can be easily stored and transported, for example from favourable locations on the high seas, in wind regions or from sunny areas where it can be produced on a large scale from water and green electrical energy. This makes it directly suitable as a fuel for mobility. It is therefore interesting, especially in the long term, for import into industrialised countries to meet the growing demand for energy.

The new platform »Allianz Wasserstoffmotor« wants to promote all of these advantages, pointing out particular potentials and work towards a rapid and efficient further development of the technology. Companies such as Bosch, Daimler Truck, Deutz, Eberspächer, Mahle, the medium-sized machine manufacturer Nagel and other industrial partners as well as research institutions such as the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology have already joined in the alliance.

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