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Why actually? Dr Ulrich Kramer explains to Schau TV the opportunities of a complete defossilisation of the transportation sector in 2050

The author of the FVV Fuel Study III " Defossilising the transportation sector - options and requirements for Germany", Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Kramer (Ford-Werke GmbH) explains in the series "Why actually?" of the Austrian regional channel Schau TV to the interviewer Irmgard Kischko why it makes sense politically to shape the future of mobility in a way that is open to technology and why the possibilities offered by e-fuels for climate-neutral mobility in Germany and Europe in 2050 should also be taken into account in legislation.

On 7 January 2020, Dr Kramer had the opportunity to present the results of the FVV study from 2018 and the latest findings of the FVV Task Force "Future Fuels" on the additional consideration of hybrid powertrains and year-round operation to an interested audience of experts in Vienna. Professor Bernhard Geringer (Institute for Powertrains & Automotive Technology (IFA | TU Vienna) had invited on behalf of the of the Austrian Association for Automotive Engineering (Österreichischer Verein für Kraftfahrtechnik - ÖVK) to a lecture in the great ballroom of the Haus der Industrie. Dr Kramer also gladly accepted the spontaneous invitation of the Austrian publishing house KURIER for an interview on their own regional channel Schau TV. See for yourself:

Why actually?
Climate-neutral long-distance journeys by car

Editor: Irmgard Kischko, KURIER Economics (Video: 12:35 min | in German language only)

Information on the FVV Fuel Study III can be found here

Information on the currently ongoing FVV Fuel Study IV „Transformation of Mobility to the GHG-neutral Post-fossil Age (in Europe including Life Cycle Assessment) can be found by members of the FVV Prime Mover Research and Innovation Network in our members exclusive information resource centre THEMIS


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