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Networked action for zero emissions: FVV publishes its new Annual Magazine »PrimeMovers. 2021«

The research association FVV publishes its new annual magazine 2021 »Networked action for zero emissions« including the latest reports on Industrial Collective Research (IGF) for the transformation of...

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Energy transition of transport: Valid insights can only be obtained by simulations of the entire energy system

FVV presented in early October the next report of its fuel studies series in an online seminar in autumn // In addition to comparative environmental, economic and societal costs and many ecological...

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Photo Credit: Handelsblatt Auto-Gipfel 2021


From Traditional to Wow: FVV at the Handelsblatt Automotive Summit 2021

Sustainability is more than just climate protection // The EU auto industry’s contribution to the transformation of the energy and transport systems // The editorial team of the German trade journal...

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MTZ Project Reports: Modeling and investigation of particle formation in DI Gasoline engines in transient driving situations

The aim is to reduce the number of particles in the engine, but particulate filters must also be designed more efficiently, especially in gasoline engines. Both can only be achieved through a deeper...

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FVV Research Priorities: Industrial engines as power systems – research for optimum system design

The range of applications and the long service life of industrial engines call for research to reconcile climate neutrality and economic efficiency. The Research Association FVV promotes the use of...

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MTZ Project Reports. Thermal tests in coupled test bench operation

The development of hybrid electric powertrains requires an increased testing effort. For this reason, a method for testing hybrid electric powertrains with a focus on thermal tests was developed as...

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MTZ Project Reports: Oil entry via piston top land

Investigations of the oil balance at the piston are important for optimizing future engine concepts with regard to combustion processes and emissions. As part of the FVV project Fuel in Oil II (1225),...

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MTZ Project Reports: CNG DI combustion processes in combination with high-load EGR and the Miller process

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) represents a short- and medium term addition to the fuel portfolio for turbo-DI spark ignition engines, as it is readily available worldwide and can contribute...

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Combustion engines: fit for the future!

Internal combustion engines can become completely climate-neutral even today, opening up considerable potential for a fast reduction in greenhouse gas emissions // In the online campaign #Emission0 -...

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The Powertrain Transition | Scenarios for vehicle electrification in 2040

By 2040, almost 45 percent of vehicles worldwide will be purely electric or powered by fuel cells // Europe can continue to be a leading production location for mobility // Mechanical and plant...

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CO2-neutral mobility powered by green electricity? How the power sector reacts to alternative mobility solutions

FVV has published a follow-up report to last year‘s life cycle assessment of alternative powertrain technologies // The impact of any additional demand for electricity from climate-neutral mobility on...

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Recommendations for action for the market ramp-up of alternative powertrains and fuels | | Technology roadmap published by NPM AG2

The technology roadmap drawn up by NPM Working Group 2 Alternative drive technologies and fuels for sustainable mobility is looking at the development prospects of alternative powertrain technologies...

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