The people behind modern research

Is it possible to get combustion engines to be clean emitters, powerful and fuel-efficient? What role do gas turbines play in the energy transition? How do we fly in just twenty years? And what do engineers do today to answer tomorrow's questions?

Volker Zeitz

A desire to understand

Burkhard Göschel

The joy of driving

Peter Eilts


Werner Stamm

In good hands

Thomas Hildebrandt

Rising high

Magdalena Speicher

Hot iron

Takao Fukuma

Researching together

Georg Wachtmeister

The trace of fire

Christine Burkhardt

Pressure produces perf ...


Photo Credit: FVV | Rui Camilo

The people behind modern research

The book “PRIMEMOVERS – Current areas of research into engines and turbines” allows an insight into the work of engineers, who conduct research on clean engines and turbomachinery, in a way that makes science accessible also to the non-expert. The FVV | Research Association for Combustion Engines published this book, written by the renowned technology journalists Laurin Paschek and Johannes Winterhagen, on the occasion of its 60th anniversary.


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