The people behind modern research

Is it possible to get combustion engines to be clean emitters, powerful and fuel-efficient? What role do gas turbines play in the energy transition? How do we fly in just twenty years? And what do engineers do today to answer tomorrow's questions?

Volker Zeitz

A desire to understand

Michael Bargende

Simple Formulas

Peter Eilts


Jörg Wallascheck

Like a Tuning Fork

Thomas Hildebrandt

Rising high

Magdalena Speicher

Hot iron

Takao Fukuma

Researching together

Georg Wachtmeister

The trace of fire

Christine Burkhardt

Pressure produces perf ...


Photo Credit: FVV | Rui Camilo

The people behind modern research

The book “PRIMEMOVERS – Current areas of research into engines and turbines” allows an insight into the work of engineers, who conduct research on clean engines and turbomachinery, in a way that makes science accessible also to the non-expert. The FVV | Research Association for Combustion Engines published this book, written by the renowned technology journalists Laurin Paschek and Johannes Winterhagen, on the occasion of its 60th anniversary.


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