The scientific heart of the FVV beats at the research institutions that carry out our projects. The FVV Prime Movers Innovation Network includes more than 100 research centres, universities and institutes in Germany and Europe. Together with our strong partners in research funding, we have invested almost 1 billion euros in nearly 1,500 pre-competitive research projects over the past 65 years.

Our research programme is financed by annual contributions from members and public funds. Collective scientific and technical research and development projects are always conducted at a pre-competitive level by industrial research associations representing a specific industry sector or technology field. The results of the research work shall form the basis for the development of new or significantly improved products, processes and services or lead to regulations or standards, and must include transfer proposals as well as statements on the economic significance and feasibility of each individual project.


High-Performance Plain Bearings Test Rig

Collective research has made possible a high-performance plain bearings test stand that is unique worldwide and on which important properties of high speed plain bearings can be investigated.


Photo Credit: Zollern


Radial Compressor Test Rig

The new FVV test rig at IST | RWTH Aachen University counts among one of Europe's most powerful radial compressor research facilities. It is an important tool for the turbomachinery industry for improving compressor design.


Photo Credit: Andreas Schmitter | FVV

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