Young Talents

Young Talents

Our collective research projects are stepping stones for young academic talents. Almost all research activities of the FVV involve young people who are at the beginning of their scientific careers. Their commitment and willingness to learn are indispensable for successful research. Over the last 65 years, we have been enabling an average of one doctorate and four further scientific theses with each project. This corresponds to more than 1,500 doctorates and more than 6,000 outstanding and practically-trained engineers. Moreover, we also award the Hans Dinger Prize for outstanding achievements by young scientists.
Dirk Bösel, Promotion of Young Talents

Prize Winners 2018

Award Ceremony in Würzburg

The Hans Dinger Prize was awarded for the 7th time this year. The first three prizes were awarded for outstanding scientific work in the research fields of »development tools« and »advanced materials« in the turbomachinery research area and »fuels« in the research area of internal combustion engines.

Call for Applications 2021

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The FVV Young Researchers Award is entering the next round: Our award for outstanding academic achievements in the industrial collective research projects of the FVV will be presented for the 8th time in autumn 2021. We are looking forward to numerous applications!


Who was Hans Dinger?

With his outstanding engineering knowledge, Professor Dinger set technical milestones for his company and played a decisive role in shaping research and development. Early on, he recognized the opportunities of pre-competitive Industrial Collective Research (Industrielle Gemeinschaftsforschung – IGF) for the further development of the internal combustion engine and its special value for the training of young scientists, thus enabling networked thinking and action of science and industry.

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