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FVV Newsletter 01/2024

At the FVV Transfer + Networking Events experts from science (engineering and technology) and business (automotive, mobility and energy industries) get together to discuss the latest research results and the need for further innovation. The conference and transfer platform for Industrial Collective Research promotes science-based insights into forward technologies for climate neutrality and zero-impact emissions from sustainable energy converters (energy conversion systems and energy carriers, powertrain systems, vehicle/industrial engines, fuel cells, aircraft engines and turbo machines) and serves as a stage for young scientists. The next event will take place in Würzburg from 13 to 15 March 2024. Please also note two cooperation events of our research and innovation network partners.  #wearetransfer

Transfer // Spring 2024
The new programme is out

At the FVV Transfer + Networking Event | Spring 2024 from 13 to 15 March 2024 at the Maritim Hotel Würzburg, researchers and industry experts will be informed about the latest IGF interim and final project reports and discuss the FVV's further research needs.

The public information sessions will focus on development tools.

In addition to the Expert Groups Sustainable Powertrain Systems, Fuel Cells, Electric Motors, Engines, Turbo Machines, Zero-impact Emissions, Materials Science & Recycling, the Research Committee as well as the Steering Group Dynamic and Acoustics will also meet there.

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Transfer // Autumn 2023
Review on Autumn 2023

The Autumn 2023 Transfer Report summarises the highlights of the last conference:

Decarbonising energy production and mobility

  • Hydrogen - an energy carrier of the future: Fuel cells, hydrogen combustion, commercial vehicles in 2050. 
  • How gas turbines can help decarbonise the energy sector.

The research directory lists all projects presented including the conference proceedings and final reports. At the end of the transfer report you will find QR codes giving direct access to the full research programme and all meetings (24/7 in THEMIS) and a project list (as of 01.11.2023). 

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Register now!

You will be able to register for the FVV Transfer + Networking Event | Spring 2024 until Friday, 1st March 2024.

Your contact point:
Daniela Abdalla, +49 69 6603 1345, abdalla@fvv-net.de

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IGF - Turning ideas into market success: New project ideas from the FVV expert groups
EG Fuel Cells
Design of a reference system based on the generic fuel cell stack of FVV

Intensive research is being carried out on fuel cell systems both in industry and at universities. However, the consequence of this intensive development work is that many of the results of this work are protected by patents or comparable measures and pre-competitive exchange, particularly between research institutions, is only possible to a limited extent or not at all. The aim of research proposal M2422 is to establish a PEM fuel cell reference system that enables pre-competitive research and the exchange of information about it. To this end, it is necessary to design a fuel cell system based on the generic fuel cell stack already developed in FVV project 1366, which can be realised by all interested parties in terms of construction and operation. The stack output power shall be in the range of 100 kW.

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EG Energy Infrastructure & Storage
How quickly can Europe's energy system go GHG/climate neutral?

Research proposal M3723 proposes to the FVV Research Committee to implement a further orientation study by Frontier Economics and the cooperation partners ESU-services, IAEW RWTH Aachen University and DVGW-EBI, which will provide an integrated modelling of a GHG-neutral European energy system across technologies and sectors. The study builds on the FVV fuel studies parts IV and IVb, which focussed on the (road) transport sector. The extension of the scope allows conclusions to be drawn on the cross-sectoral impacts of the use of GHG-neutral technologies in different sectors (e.g. transportation, industry, households). By looking at the entire European energy sector, the study aims to provide in-depth insights into the European energy system with the aim of achieving greenhouse gas neutrality as quickly as possible while minimising cumulative greenhouse gas emissions and costs.

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Shaping the future.Together.

For the exchange of expertise and know-how within the FVV's innovation + transfer network, you can also take advantage of the conferences and exhibitions organised by our cooperation partners.

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MTZ | ATZ live
Powertrains and Energy Systems of Tomorrow

At the 18th International MTZ Congress on Powertrains and Energy Systems of Tomorrow, which will be held in Chemnitz from 14 to 15 May 2024, leading representatives from the automotive industry, energy producers, and grid operators as well as from politics and science will exchange views

  • sustainability and the raw material supply chain
  • charging and grid integration
  • hydrogen fuel cells and related infrastructure
  • energy supply and data management

on the need for accelerated market-driven implementation.

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Vehicle & Environment | The 35th Mobility Trend Conference

The 35th Mobility Trend Conference, to be held in Graz from 5 to 6 June 2024, will focus on sustainability, electric mobility, ADAS & E/E as well as Next Generation Vehicle. We will talk about the factors that will accelerate the transition to a more environmentally conscious transportation era and fundamentally change the global automotive industry in the process. Join us as we shape the mobility of tomorrow and take the next step towards a greener future together. Exploring the future of mobility

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