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The FVV (Forschungsvereinigung Verbrennungskraftmaschinen | Research Association for Combustion Engines ) is a worldwide innovation network of companies, research & technology performers (RTD) and funding bodies. In the context of pre-competitive Industrial Collective Research (IGF), manufacturers of automotive engines, industrial engines and turbomachinery as well as their suppliers and service providers work together with universities and other research establishments on cutting-edge technologies. The aim is to make prime movers - internal combustion engines, hybrids, turbomachines and fuel cells - cleaner, more efficient and sustainable – for the benefit of society, industry and the environment. The FVV has invested more than 500 million euros in 1,200 research projects since it was founded in 1956.


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Photo Credit: MAN Truck & Bus

FVV Research Priorities | Combustion CI (MTZ worldwide 05/2020)

Advanced and Future-oriented Research on Compression-ignition Engines

Due to its outstanding efficiency, the diesel engine is the leader in many commercial applications. New technologies such as artificial intelligence or additive manufacturing can help to meet more stringent requirements for pollutant and CO2 emissions. The scientific basis is being worked out in projects of the Research Association for Combustion Engines (FVV) and can be transferred into practice by the member companies.

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Photo Credit: IAV

FVV Project reports | Powertrain Systems (ATZ heavyduty worldwide 01/2020)

Technical Evaluation and Life-Cycle Assessment of Long-haul Heavy-duty Vehicles in 2050

Alternative powertrain concepts are currently being researched in many places and some are already ready for the market. However, the activities in this area are mainly to be seen in passenger cars. It is not yet clear where heavy-duty trucks are headed. The University of Stuttgart and IAV, in a research project of the Research Association of Internal Combustion Engines (FVV), have investigated the powertrains of future heavy-duty trucks for long-distance transport, which should emit as little CO2 as possible.

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Sharing new ideas to generate innovation

Europe is the largest factory of knowledge, ideas and innovation in the world: Around one-third of the global production of know-how and innovative products comes from EU engineers and researchers. Cross-border cooperation unites the best minds and ideas. It makes the difference: globalisation - climate-neutral economy - energy transition in transport - mobility of tomorrow. These are just a few examples of the tasks of the future that need to be adressed - together with our members and partners in Europe and the world.

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