Solutions-oriented research

Interview with Dr. Markus Schwaderlapp

Material and resource efficiency 

Knowledge and technology transfer

How to decarbonise the energy sector

All things energy transition

All things energy transition

Designing components safely and efficiently

Green energy for Europe

Peter Gutzmer talking to energie+MITTELSTAND

Security of supply

An interview with Christopher Steinwachs

Career potential H2

Hydrogen engines do have a future

Coordinating expertise

Enabling research through research management

News from our projects

Knowledge transfer #07/23

A new self-image

Five voices from our member companies on ›Make it new‹

How we are speeding up the green transformation

Climate-neutral and resource-efficient mobility

Knowledge is generated at interfaces

Prof. Dr. Thomas Koch explains what young engineers should learn today

Making it new

Industrial Collective Research moving into a new era

No one makes it alone

FVV Award winners on young researchers in science

The power lies in the system

Martin Urban works on economic solutions for a climate-neutral energy system.

How quickly can we be sustainable?

FVV gives insights into sustainable pathways to climate neutral mobility

Make it new

FVV publishes annual magazine 2022

The time is ripe

Thomas Korn from Keyou has been working on hydrogen engines for many years

Zero-Impact Vehicles

Impact on air quality as a benchmark

Middle of a twin transformation

An interview with Dietmar Goericke

Six theories on climate neutrality

Sustainability is more than just climate protection: Boundary conditions for sustainable mobility

Sustainability is more than climate protection

Sustainability as a compass

The reliability engineer

From gear wheel edges to coil insulation

The virtues of an engineer

Facts over feeling

Setting the course

Individuals reach their limits relatively quickly

Ultimate efficiency engine

ICE2025+: the ultimate system efficiency

Pioneering spirit

Names carry traces of the past


Patiently creating space for something new

A race against time

DME as an alternative fuel for Compression-Ignition Engins

Taking stock

New FVV meta-analysis of LCA Studies on Alternative Powertrain Technologies

What if ... ?

Options for climate-neutral mobility in 2050

One for all

Developing a generic fuel cell stack

Blue oil

E-Crude-Produktion in Norwegen