Together we develop ideas for the future // In Industrial Collective Research (Industrielle Gemeinschaftsforschung IGF), innovative small and medium-sized businesses, globally operating enterprises and excellent research and technology institutions are working together on technologies facilitating, for example, mobility and materials research or energy efficiency and sustainability – always based on a cross-sectoral, basic research-oriented and thus pre-competitive approach. Such a systematic research into sustainable energy and powertrain systems involving many different energy sources and energy converters demands a large, collective network.

Collective intelligence

Industrial Collective Research (IGF) enables companies to solve common research and technology problems on a scientifically sound basis. It provides access to a continuous stream of new knowledge they can use to develop their own products, processes and services.

The FVV is globally networked to create science-based insights into forward technologies for climate neutrality and zero-impact emissions in sustainable energy conversion systems. In doing so, we always keep an eye on social expectations and technological requirements for sustainable development. Industrial Collective Research (IGF) that wants to fulfil its social role must not only contribute to climate neutrality and sustainable economic activity, but also to a resilient, globally competitive economy.

International cooperation is the key to technological progress in a globalised economy. Small, medium-sized and large companies – manufacturers of energy systems and energy carriers, powertrain systems, vehicle/industrial engines, fuel cells, aircraft engines and turbo machines as well as their development service providers and suppliers of systems and components – form an international platform for pre-competitive basic research. SMEs in particular can benefit from this because they save costs and gain new impetus for product development.

Empowering a moving society

Industrial research and development benefits from the fact- / field-based collaboration with the science community – universities and non-profit research institutions – on the future of technology. This creates innovative power in companies and excellence in research, teaching and learning.

In FVV's Innovation + Transfer Network, technologies are developed by researchers, engineers, technicians and scientists who are passionate not only about continuously improving what already exists, but also about constantly creating something new. Networks that are constantly expanding are crucial to success. FVV offers such a network of companies, research centres and associations – and this creates the breeding ground from which something new can emerge.

The FVV Innovation + Transfer Network is a very vital research network. We maintain long-standing contacts with all major technical universities and research institutions in Germany and increasingly also in Europe and internationally. We value the scientifically sound cooperation and the excellence of the research and technology (RTD) performers in our collaborative research work.

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