Science for a moving society needs strong partners

Industrial research and development benefits from the fact- / field-based collaboration with the science community, universities and non-profit research institutions, on the future of technology. This creates innovative power in industry and excellence in research, teaching and learning.

We at the FVV are a very lively science network. We maintain long-standing contacts with all major technical universities and research centres in Germany and to an increasing extent in Europe and Japan. In the projects we conduct together, we value the constructive cooperation of all network partners and, in particular, the excellence of our research and technology (RTD) performers.

A selection of the participating research technology performers

Science for a moving society

In the research projects coordinated by the FVV, institutions from the entire German-speaking research landscape (DACH) give rise to science for a moving society. These include university institutes and their science centers, non-profit research institutions or institutes of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

In the last decade, the FVV Innovantion + Transfer Network has become increasingly international. New members from Europe and beyond have been recruited. By opening up, the research association took into account the continuous globalisation of its own member companies. In particular, cooperation with Japan was greatly expanded and deepened through bilateral projects.

The Industrial Collective Research (IGF) organised by the FVV and carried out by the research and technology (RTD) performers enables particularly small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in cutting-edge international research.

And at the same time, FVV together with the RTD performers empower young academic talent. In our IGF projects, young engineers are well prepared for their work in industry: As a rule, one PhD and two student research projects, Bachelor's or Master's theses result from an IGF project.