FVV publishes annual magazine 2022 30.09.2022

PrimeMovers. 2022 | »Make it new«: FVV publishes annual magazine 2022

The industrial research association FVV publishes its new annual magazine PrimeMovers. 2022 | »Neues schaffen« on the occasion of the 2022 Annual Meeting of Members with current reports on Industrial Collective Research (IGF) around the transformation of the energy, transport and mobility systems // The magazine is supplemented by the Annual Report 2021/22 featuring the complete research programme.

›PrimeMovers.‹ is an annual research magazine on Industrial Collective Research (IGF) on emerging technologies for sustainable and efficient energy conversion systems powering mobile and stationary applications. The magazine features a number of selected articles on relevant research topics from throughout the year. Additionally, representatives from science and business share their perspectives on questions around clean energy, transport and mobility.


The research goal of the FVV, to enable the implementation of the energy transition, including the necessary bridging technologies, is becoming increasingly relevant. In wide circles of politics, business and the media, it is now almost a commonplace that a fast and efficient transformation of the energy system without chemical energy sources is doomed to failure, as these allow the spatial and temporal decoupling of generation and consumption.

However, if the energy, transport and mobility system of the future is partly dependent on regeneratively produced, chemical energy sources, the transformation will necessarily require suitable, efficient ›prime movers‹ as energy converters: engines, turbo machines, fuel cells, electric machines.

Industrial Collective Research (IGF), funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (BMWK), continues to play a key role in maintaining the global leadership of German, medium-sized industry in these new energy conversion technologies.

Brief summary on the contents

Make it new

  • Make it new: Prof. Dr. Peter Gutzmer and Dietmar Goericke explain how the FVV develops scientific facts which are used as the basis for creating innovations for continuous change and societal progress.
  • Change: The research priorities of the FVV respond to the transformation of industry and society. A new claim underlines the process of change and the relevance of forward-thinking, fact-based research for a society in the midst of transformation: ›Science for a moving society‹.
  • A new self-image: In the midst of transformation, making good decisions in the face of diverse technology options requires not only courage but also a profound depth of knowledge. Five voices from members on the change process of their research association: Natalia Cochin (Toyota), Mats Hultman (Neste), Marc Sens (IAV), Prof. Dr. Gunnar Stiesch (MAN Energy Solutions), Dr. Marco Warth (MAHLE).

Technology & Transfer

  • »Hydrogen«: The direct use of hydrogen in modern energy conversion systems convinces with a short energy chain and relatively fast technical feasibility. Nevertheless, fundamental questions still need to be solved – current research projects and the joint research cluster on long-term material testing ›W14‹ of the FVWHT (Forschungsvereinigung Warmfeste Stähle und Hochtemperaturwerkstoffe) and the FVV provide answers.
  • »Digitalisation«: The design of complex energy conversion systems in which electrical and thermal machines work together faces the problem of considering and validating so many theoretically possible variants. The FVV is developing digital methods so that small and medium-sized enterprises can also drive forward the technological change.
  • »Development Tools«: If you want to achieve new goals, you also have to take new paths – this also applies to work on the test bench, which will continue to be the basis of all development work in the future.
  • »Efficiency«: Engines or fuel cells that run on synthetic fuels should produce a particularly high degree of efficiency. Two projects show that this is possible.


Thomas Korn 

Viktoria Kelich 
University of Stuttgart

Martin Urban 
Rolls-Royce Power Systems

  • The people behind modern research: In the magazine, we introduce you to three personalities from the FVV's Innovation + Transfer Network – Thomas Korn (KEYOU), Viktoria Kelich (University of Stuttgart), Martin Urban (Rolls-Royce Power Systems) - and ask Dr Michael Ladwig (GE Power) about the conversion of gas power plants to green hydrogen.
  • Promoting & qualifying young academic talent: We asked Prof. Dr. Thomas Koch (WKM) about the role of transformation on research and teaching and talked to three FVV Young Researchers Award winners – Denise Chan (Covestro), Bastian Lerheuer (RWTH Aachen University), Marcus Wiens (Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems) – about their expectations of future engineers and scientists.
  • ›PrimeMovers.‹ is complemented by the association’s Annual Report 2021/22 featuring the complete research programme of the FVV. We would like to thank all of our research partners, funding bodies and sponsors for their fantastic support!

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